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My Projects

I'm always learning something new and looking to improve. These are projects I have worked on in the last few years for clients and friends, and the Javascript ones are to pratice my skills.

Below is a bunch of sites I have designed and hand coded so you can get a feel of what kinds of work I can do. If you click on each one it will take you to the live site.



This is a small site for local anime fans to meet others


Louth Town Hall

A venue for booking live music, and weddings


Spartan Cats

A website for helping street cats in Greece


JavaScript/jQuery Projects

I do have more projects I have worked on, but a lot of them are small things that I have over on my codepen or github. I will add more here soon

growing div

My growing div

A small project to pratice my Javascript skills

JavaScript Quiz

My Doctor Who Quiz

Just a small quiz to pratice my Javascript skills